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12 January 2009 @ 07:27 pm
Cherry feel was a short lived indies band that formed between guitarist, lyricist, and composer AKIHITO and vocalist Ayumu in the late 90s. They had three (...I think... o_O) small releases and did the live-house thing until Ayumu was scouted and decided to join and form the duo Zwei.

I *finally* got my CDs that I won off auction today! I managed to make a total steal...two unopened, super rare Cherry feel releases for only 900 yen. =D I'd never heard anything by them except for very small excerpts that I can no longer find online, but since I already know that Ayumu's vocals are omfgorgastastic I knew I had to have their songs, even if the style was totally different. And Cherry feel is definitely different from Ayumu's better known group Zwei. (Which is probably why you're checking these out to begin with.) While AKIHITO's lyrical and compositional style are both very solid, Ayumu's vocals are incredibly raw and quite screechy. But in a good way. I only managed to get two CDs for a total of six songs, but I feel the need to spread them around anyway because they're impossible to find online. And everyone should love Ayumu as much as I do. <3 Hurrah.

PS: I dare you to go look up "cherry feel" (-neneh for a real good time) in Google. These bastards knew what they were doing.

** = favorites.

NOTE: I paid through the nose (hurray fees) to get these and ripped them myself. Normally I don't care about ripping credit but in this case keeping them intact would be VERY appreciated.

RELEASE: 2001.07.25
KBS: 320 KBS
SIZE: 36.6 MB
COMMENTS: "It's so PANIC" is the second release/first single by Cherry Feel, after the ever elusive "Day Break". (...which I've never even seen a picture of so I think it must be a government conspiracy.) The disc erupts into the first titular track, which is reminiscent in sound to current punkish rock songs. Ayumu's vocals are very uncontrolled, but it works well for the song since the attitude is all over the place and quite fun. The chorus is the best part, imo, with slight self-harmonizing, followed by the usual kickass guitar solo by AKIHITO. Definitely a good rendition of the band's sound, and probably the most upbeat of all the songs in this update. (Zwei fans, think of "BUBBLEGUM DREAM" and then think of what it *should* have sounded like. *cough cough*) It's followed by a similarly upbeat punkish song, busy it now. My fave part of this song is the lyrics, "OH FUNNY I'm very busy now OK/SO FUNNY You're not busy now oh yes". The song seems to try and follow the marks of its predecessors but kinda falls short to it IMO. (Still fun though.) After this track the single considerably slows down with the song Say, which is when the band switches to their other sound, which is sort of an edgy rock rendition of folk music. This song in particular has a very strong bass line which harmonizes nicely with AKIHITO's guitar. Ayumu's vocals continue to their wailing, and while that may sound off-putting in a folk-like setting, I can assure you that it really isn't. Her vocals contrast between somewhat soft and feminine in the verses to flat out screechy in the chorus, transforming an otherwise pleasant song to one full of raw emotion. The final track, RING was co-written between both members of the band according to ORICON and the liner notes. Like the first two songs, these last two songs share a very similar sound, except for the fact that this song is slightly more poignant and the style a little bluesy. In the end though, I think the highlight of this song is once again AKIKHITO's guitar solo which imo is the best of the whole single. The only real downfall of this track is the fact that it's over six minutes long and tends to drag a little. The whole single overall is a good introduction to the band, but personally I prefer the next one a little more.

1. It's so PANIC **
2. busy it now
3. Say **


SINGLE: Te wo Tsunaide (手をつないで)
RELEASE: 2003.06.01
KBS: 320 KBS
SIZE: 20.8 MB
RATING: 4.5/5
COMMENTS: The biggest difference between this single and the last one, aside from two years passing, is the fact that Ayumu's vocals have become a lot more controlled and easy to listen to, which I think really works in her favor. The titular track is probably so far my favorite song by the band. It's rather laid back but once again Ayumu's vocals make the song with their passion and well, fantasorgasmicness. (If it's possible to have sex with voices, then I want a threesome with hers and Gackt's...oh my...) Also, the arrangement of the song is much more polished and fleshed out than their previous release. The song overall sounds very "complete". The b-side, TuZuKu was used in an anime soundtrack, I guess, because if you search for this song in google that's all you get. @_@ Anyway, it's a very...unique song. AKIHITO's guitar smoothly switches channels which is always fun to follow. However, while I normally don't mind Ayumu getting creative with her vocals, and I've gotta grant that she has some of the best "whispers" evah, I don't really feel it in the verses of this song. I much prefer the chorus which is incredibly catchy and just rather positive sounding. While this single has about half the stock of "It's so PANIC" I kinda like it more because it sounds more forward and clear. Also, did I mention how much I LOVE the cover? I actually found the artist's website when I was looking for info on the band, and the artist is love. XD <3

1. Te o Tsunaide (手をつないで) **
2. TuZuKu *


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I swear we're still alive. XD And I know my partner-in-crime has high-speed internetz again, a fact of which I am definetely jealous. So expect more soon!

Today I'm going to quench your outdated anime thirst. THIRSSSST FOR IT.


ALBUM: Dragon Ball Z Hit Song Collection 18 ½ Special: Super Remix
RELEASE: March 20, 1996
KBS: 112
SIZE: 44.73 MB
COMMENTS: Oh, the sentimentality. DBZ 18 ½ Special was the first album I ever bought with my own money, from a gaming magazine at the tender age of 12. All of these tracks were ripped by me! =D Each track is a remix of a popular DBZ song, or a medley in the case of track two. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA is the very famous first opening to Dragon Ball Z. BATTLE SPECTABLE MEDLEY is the most epic medley ever, every part is energetic and will get you excited. FOR EVER and Hikari no Tabi are the two ballads, with the latter being best. Arguably one of the loveliest ballads I've ever heard. (SRSLY.) These remixes sound straight out of 90s Japan, this much is very true, so if you like that style of music ... this is probably your cup of tea. Kageyama, Ishihara, KUKO, & YUKA are four of my favorite artists and they do not disappoint.

by Hironobu Kageyama

~ MIND POWER...Ki...
~ WARNING OF DANGER...Keikoku...
~ Chôsenjô
~ Unmei no Hi ~Tamashii VS Tamashii~
by Hironobu Kageyama, YUKA, & Shinichi Ishihara

by Hironobu Kageyama

by Hironobu Kageyama & YUKA


by KUKO & Yasumi

7. Ginga o Koete Raijingu Hai ~GALAXY ADVENTURE MIX~ **
by Hironobu Kageyama

8. Tobidase! Hîrô ~DREAM THEATRE MIX~ **

9. Hikari no Tabi '96 ~CLASSICAL NEW VERSION~ **
by Hironobu Kageyama & KUKO

*I'll upload it to MU on request, but my internet is so horribly slow that I don't want to do it unless someone wants it. =P

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15 June 2008 @ 04:14 pm
We're back! And to celebrate here's Zwei's latest release, who get their own damn post for this until I make a single discography update, because I love them loadz and they're speshul.

Credits to MellowB at JPS for this single.


RELEASE: 2008.06.11
KBS: 192 KBS
SIZE: 25.6 MB
COMMENTS: DISTANCE is their first release in over a year - please, Universal, don't be dicks and let this become a pattern if this is your doing. After 1+1=2, which wasn't my fave single by them, I was kinda hoping that this single wouldn't follow the same sound. And it doesn't, I think! =D DISTANCE is a beautiful mid-tempo pop/rock song with great musical layering, especially the guitar interlude. Not to mention, Ayumu's vocals kick total ass in this song, esp. in the very last few seconds where she lets out a long note that I wish was on full volume. D= The PV is kinda dull, but given their usual budget is on par for a lot of their older PVs, esp. in terms of...subtext. XD Nice to see that the "HOHO WE MIGHT BE GAY" attitude hasn't left them. ;D Koe, the B-side, is, IMO, even better than DISTANCE. The composition is edgy and a throwback to their VAP works. The sound overall is very different from other Universal tracks (all three, hurr) and is reminiscent of BUBBLEGUM DREAM without being fucking annoying. *COUGH*. I really like how it starts off with distorted violins and then erupts into good ol' pop/rock. <3 The lyrics to this song were also written by them, making it extra special. Overall, if you don't download this single, don't tell me, because I will smack you. Ayumu can come whisper those words at the end to me any time. ;D The only thing that most people can agree on being LOLWTF about this single's promotion is Megu's craptastic dreads. But Jesus, only she could semi-pull them off. D=

2. Koe (声) **
3. DISTANCE (Instrumental)
4. Koe (声) (Instrumental)


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25 April 2008 @ 10:30 pm

Couple things:

1) You may have noticed that the last upload was PUBLIC. I will try leaving newer posts public for a couple days, allowing new prospective-members and downloaders to see what we're like before joining or if they just want that one file. HOWEVER. If the leeching gets too crazy we're going to go completely back to FO. So treat it well. =D

2) Speaking of leeching, hallo thar. The leeching isn't horrible but the comment/download ratios definitely don't add up. I can't speak for Mousey's account but on my MF account I'd say we get a comment for every 3-4 downloads. After a while it kinda adds up. I don't want to be a comment-nazi but it's really nice to know who's downloading what, and esp. since I can't see the MU ratio it's probably similar. Comments are total love! I want to know who wants what so I can tailor future downloads to your tastes. Don't be shy to leave comments even on old entries. I check them ALL. XD

Yup. That's it. =D
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17 April 2008 @ 12:13 pm


We will gladly reup a file for you. Please leave a note saying which file is down and we will do our best to replace it as soon as possible. Thank you!
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17 April 2008 @ 12:09 pm


If you want to affiliate with this journal, please leave a comment here. The only requirement is that you are a music journal as well! Awesome.
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17 April 2008 @ 12:23 am

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